Saturday, April 18, 2009

Protect yourself

There have been too many spammers and keylogger attempts lately. Here are a few ways to defend yourself.

1) Don't use your WoW logon information anywhere else but for WoW. If your guild has a website, for example, and those passwords get stolen, then you're sunk.

2) The blizzard authenticators are back in stock (for now) and search for "authenticator". You can get a free version via iTunes for your iPod.

3) Don't share your account info, not even with friends. While they wouldn't do anything deliberately to mess you up, they might also get hacked.

and finally...

4) Keep all of your software up to date to ensure vulnerabilities are patched. Mac users, you're not impervious to malware, just less targeted, so do stay on your toes. No computer system can last for long if you're inattentive and have admin rights (

I'd speculate the jump lately might have something to do with folks wanting to get more gold by any means necessary, even gold buying. If you or a friend need help making money, do some teamwork. There's a fair amount of money to be made just by doing things like dailies, rampaging old instances and vendoring everything and the like. Nobody needs dualspec (or whatever) so bad they can't wait a bit, especially if it ends up getting you hacked in the process.

Sorry about the slowness of updates this week. I have the feeling we're all getting some extra game time in. Enjoy Ulduar and your weekends!

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  1. While normally I don't share my account information, there have been a few periods when I've done so. Each time afterward I would change my account info on getting back to my own computer. I learned my lesson after being hacked a good while back.

    The reasons?

    1. Gave my account info to my wife so that she could let my guild/friends know that I wouldn't be around for a few days (severely sick, couldn't get out of bed).

    2. Gave my (new) account info to my wife and had her pass it on to my best friend when I found myself in the hospital while one of my twin sons was there for three days. My wife was home with the other, and she and my best friend took turns logging onto my account to try and help me get the Love Fool achievement (stupid bags of candy!).

    Again, each time I changed my account info on returning home.

    Another tip (I learned this one after being hacked) is to type a few letters of your password, then a bunch of gibberish, and highlight the gibberish (don't delete) before typing the rest of your password. It means that keyloggers never get your full password at once. I now do it with every password I have, and it seems to be working well.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon